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SitgesPM was created in April 2013 by Airbnb with hosts, for Airbnb with Sitgespm.comcustomers and hosts.

SitgesPM originated to fill a gap in the holiday rental market, by offering guests an enjoyable, hospitable and professional service and experience.

We are a family and friend run business based in Sitges. We were one of the first property management companies in Sitges that were built around sharing economy platforms like Airbnb. Because as hosts ourselves, we know how to rent out your space in an optimal and safe way.

Our customer list keeps growing, along with our extended services. This is due to our excellent references and previous experience in the hotel, hospitality and travel trade. We believe that we understand what is required when providing customer satisfaction. Our hard working attitude and the will to succeed in giving high customer satisfaction is the reason why we are so successful in our business.

As a business, we have also quickly realised that many home owners don’t have the time to do this, themselves and many of the properties in Sitges are owned as holiday homes or second homes. Therefore there are property owners who want to make an income on their property, but simply cannot be there, or they do not have the time.

We understand that you need a company that is willing to take on your property and treat it as if it was their own, we do exactly that. We ensure that the property is well looked after and we never fall short of giving the best service possible.

In every aspect of your property, we will give the matter our personal attention until the problem is rectified.

Working in the travel and hospitality industry for more than 20 years we understand the travellers needs. We can assure you that we will give your guest the best possible service, and we are so confident we can say that they will not hesitate to book again when booking their next holiday in Sitges.

We are very flexible with our services and we will quote on all aspects of property management, so don’t hesitate to contact us, you won’t be disappointed!

So, whether you are on a beach in Ibiza, working in Hong Kong, or at an in-office meeting, your guests will have a warm meet and greet. We will manage your property for you, so you can simply get on with your everyday life, and let us do all the work for you.